Valley 3

Valley is the first map in the North American Campaign, and the only map that was included in the playable demo. Valley takes place in the Yosemite Valley, California, USA.


Nestled deep within California's mountainous Yosemite region lie a number of water treatment facilities. The Strogg have covertly overtaken one of these facilities and converted it into a plague farm. The Strogg are poised to use a sinister Contaminator device to infect the entire region's water table with a morale-sapping psychotropic prionite contaminant which would destroy the mental capabilities of any human drinking it. The waterborne plague would render the entire population placid and obedient to the Strogg, allowing them to be harvested without resistance. The GDF must attack the Strogg Contaminator facility, and destroy the device.


The GDF have four primary objectives that must be completed in order to accomplish their mission.

  1. A GDF Engineer must construct the bridge located at 1 on the command map. The bridge is a critical chokepoint for infantry and all land-based vehicles, including the MCP, so you'll want to get it up fast.
  2. The MCP must be escorted across the newly built bridge and deployed at the Outpost, where it will become the next spawnpoint for the GDF, and ready itself to fire its SSM missiles. While any class can drive the MCP, it can only be driven on a few select paths. It can be deployed when it reaches within a designated area inside the Outpost.
  3. A Covert Ops must hack the Strogg Shield Generator, located deep within the Strogg base. Going in disguised as a Strogg will help, but it'll still be a team effort to get the Shield Generator down so the MCP can open up the main access route to the Contaminator. For tips on this phase of the mission, see the Shield Hacking Tips and Video.
  4. Finally, a Soldier must plant a high explosive charge on the contaminator itself, and defend it from Strogg Constructors attempting to come defuse it. If the GDF hold the area for 30 seconds, the charge will destroy the Contaminator and the GDF will be victorious.

Map TipsEdit

New to the game? The Strogg Training Video and GDF Training Videos offer a guide on player classes, deployables, and a rundown of the objectives for Valley.

For tips and a walkthrough of Valley see GDF Valley Strategy and Tactics.

For a guide to using the Covert Ops class on Valley, see Covert Ops Guide - Valley.

In order to work well as a team, you'll want to have a good class balance, and every member will need to know what their respective job is. See the Strogg Class Priorities Guide and the GDF Class Priorities Guide for tips on what each class should be doing.