Tactical Strogg


  • 40 (shotgun if all pellets connect),
  • 8 (bullet)
  • 10 (Hyperblaster)
  • 50 (Railgun)
  • 15 (Melee)

Tactical Strogg are stroggified Human Marine who the Strogg have captured alive and subsequently assimilated into their “culture” through the grotesque process of “Stroggification.” Think of tacticals as enhanced versions of Strogg—they’re fast, Prowess, tactical abillity, overall intelligence they have displayed in battle. Also they can communicate with other tacticals, which others strogg cannot. They wield powerful weaponry, such as hyperblasters and railguns (many also carry machine guns or shotguns). Furthermore, tacticals employ superb combat strategies—they take cover behind objects and try to pin you down with suppressing fire so their comrades can flank you. Tacticals often attack in groups, and you face scores of them throughout the
single-player game, so learn to deal with them fast. Tacticals are a bit tougher than Strogg marines. If a
group of tacticals aren’t budging from their cover, try firing a grenade to disperse them. Once you acquire the
railgun, use it in every fight against tacticals—one rail kills a tactical at any distance.