Slipgate 3
The GDF have located the presence of a Strogg Slipgate in a remote North African valley. The GDF must hack the Slipgate controls and travel through it to destroy the Strogg Nexus Tower in Antarctica. The Strogg must destroy and delay the GDF forces, defending the Nexus Tower until reinforcements arrive.


  1. The first objective is the Slipgate controls. The GDF cannot pass through the Slipgate until a GDF Covert Ops hacks them.
  2. Second objective: Any GDF unit must drive the MCP through the Slipgate and deploy it at the Antarctic outpost. Once deployed it will blow the security generator with an SSM and give GDF access to the Nexus Tower.
  3. A GDF Soldier must infiltrate the tower and destroy the Nexus Tower Core with an HE charge.

Optional ObjectivesEdit

a: Capture the Garrison Spawn Point