Outskirts 3
The Strogg have deployed a high-ranking DataBrain to oversee construction of a major new facility of unknown capabilities and purpose. The GDF must discover what threat this or similar facilities pose. A GDF task force must crack the Strogg defenses, steal the DataBrain and take it to a still-functioning transmitter for analysis by GDF High Command.


  1. A GDF Soldier must destroy a barricade with an HE charge to allow passage for the MCP.
  1. Any GDF unit must drive the MCP to the Central Outpost
  1. The third objective requires a GDF Covert Ops to hack the Strogg Shield Generator
  1. The fourth objective: Any GDF unit should steal the Databrain and take it to the transmitter to upload to GDF H.Q.

Optional ObjectivesEdit

a. Capture the Factory Offices Spawn Point

b. Capture the Hilltop Building Spawn Point


On the MCP, i have found an optional route. After you drive the MCP past the barricade, and you take the lft then the right onto the road, keep going straight. Then, when you come to the right turn, DONT TAKE IT! Drive straight past the buildings, you will have to take a left to get by 1 building, but then take the right. You will get the MCP off course, destruction in 30 seconds message, but dont worry about that, you will have enough time. then take the left and you have deployed the MCP using an alternate route! There are many advantages tyo this route, the best being there will only be 1 avt thats able to shoot at you. I will be posting a video on how to do this MCP route. Give me about 30 minutes from now.