Map canyon

Attackers: Global Defense Force Location: Kings Canyon, Northern Territory, Australia

Description:The Strogg have taken over an abandoned fortified base to develop an improved Stroggifier. The GDF must fight their way down the canyon and destroy the Stroggifier before it can be used to produce new armies of Stroggtroppers.


Briefcase Briefcase

Construct Construct

Destroy Destroy

Flyer Flyer Drone Attack

Hack Hack

Mcp Escort MCP


Construct Engineer: The first Canyon objective requires a GDF Engineer to construct a bridge blocking a critical path to the Central Outpost.

Any Class: Any GDF unit must drive the MCP to the Central Outpost.

Covert Ops: The third objective requires a GDF Covert Ops to hack the Strogg Shield Generator.

Soldier: The fourth objective is the Stroggifier located in the mountain bunker. GDF Soldiers need to destroy it by planting an HE Charge on it.